The Alley
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The Alley


Caro Duarte


Waiting for some clue of her missing husband, Andrea has settled into a predictable and simple life in a charming little town in northern Mexico. It has been a year since her husband disappeared when he decided to seek fortune in another country. Nevertheless, Andrea continues working at the museum and taking care of her mother, never losing hope for favorable news. Out of the blue she meets a young man coming from the United States to live in the town where his parents were born.

Paul is a charming country singer that starts work at the local bar. With him, Andrea begins a relationship different to any that she’s ever had with anyone else before. All at once she realizes the little importance she had given to her own life and to her own artistic passion, photography.

Andrea and Paul are now involved in an idyllic and sincere secret romance, immersed in the lovely atmosphere of the place. They meet several times at “the alley of the kiss”, home to a Mexican legend about a young man who died kissing the hand of his one and only true love. In the midst of it all, Andrea struggles against her true feelings and morals due to the fact that she is still married.

Armed with a new outlook and attitude, Andrea decides to set up a photographic exhibition at the upcoming village festival, and with Paul’s support and company, they plan a photographic journey together to realize a lifelong dream.

But those plans are suddenly interrupted.

The sublime relationship is put to the test when she receives some unexpected news that have come to change everything.


Saturday, August 18
3:30 PM
Healing Matrix
632 E Main St