These films were selected from over 180 films submitted from 28 different countries. These are the best and they are awesome. Click on a film to learn more about the film and watch its trailer (if available). Click here to view the screening schedule, which shows the dates, locations and times for the films.

Showing Category: Documentary


RISE follows the inspirational journey of Canadian national women's soccer team, including their longstanding rivalry...

Big Sonia

BIG SONIA explores what it means to be a survivor and how this affects families and generations.

By Us

'By Us' is the story of a heroic, small-town community, Port Townsend, which chooses to change its economic future.

Break from the Herd

A trilogy of stories about courage, fortitude and grit.

The High Sierra Trail

This exciting documentary gives a first hand experience of hiking the High Sierra Trail and learning how it came to be.

Once We Had a River

Native Americans fight against injustice and their right to water.

From Bohemia's Woods and Fields

The potent power of determination and how it can triumph over adversity.

Not for Sale

Villagers collect Qazwan for many purposes-a source of income, food, and others use it for spiritual means.

I Am Not a Rock Star

Go behind the scenes of the conservative classical music world to follow aspiring concert pianist Marika Bournaki

Vietnam: An Inner View

Featuring original music and photography, Vietnam: An Inner View provides an "eyes wide open" look at life circa 1968.

Standing Rock On Native Ground

Standing Rock On Native Ground focuses on the events surrounding the Dakota Access Pipe Line.

Toxic Bees - Human Intervention

Mass bee deaths highlight the shortcomings of environmental policy.

Wounded Gold

Wounded Gold is a documentary about successful life despite all visible and not visible limitations.

Who Killed Jim Thompson

For half a century people have speculated about who killed the silk king of Thailand. Finally the answer.

Western Jubilee

Western Jubilee Celebrates Cowboy Music.

Cuba, Libre?

"Cuba, Libre?" takes Americans on a virtual trip to Cuba, past and present.


An American dream lives on. Gold in the creeks. Gold in the mountains. There for the taking.

Caught in Quicksand

A short film about a man experiencing being caught in quicksand.

Landfill: From Guppies to Yuppies

Artists and entrepreneurs battle over a Boston geographical area known as Fort Point, which started out as landfill.

A Man with Stones

Heavy stones are transformed into blithely floating assemblages that delight the eye and spirit.

To Live, To Sail

A film about the life of three people's lives on the Mediterranean Sea.

The Eyesore at 174

In an uplifting tale of friendship and civic pride, two Cottage Grove natives return home.

Animal House of Blues

A film about how the movie, Animal House, helped create the Blues Brothers.