These films were selected from over 180 films submitted from 28 different countries. These are the best and they are awesome. Click on a film to learn more about the film and watch its trailer (if available). Click here to view the screening schedule, which shows the dates, locations and times for the films.

Showing Category: Adventure, Drama, or Mystery


Ainhoa is a story that, instead of trying to put children to sleep, tries to wake up the adults.

Father and Father

Two tough, God–fearing, wise‐cracking, ass‐kicking buddies of the cloth against the mob. Kick ass, repent, repeat.

Mumpsimus and Halcyon Discord

If you are a young person experiencing mental ill health and homelessness, life is far from a walk in the park.

No Gravity

An astronaut comes back to earth and tries to fit in again.

The Buggyman

WORLD PREMIER. On a first date, an ice-breaking question releases a man's inner boogeyman. Can he escape his fears?

Blue Peter

A young police officer faces a moral dilemma.