A Man with Stones


United States
Ronald Colby


I’ve always admired sculpture, both found and created. One day, I walked into a gallery and discovered a bold and fascinating exhibit that synthesized both. Woods Davy left his workspace in downtown Los Angeles, moved to Venice, California where he built his studio and home. He and his wife Kathleen have been there for over two decades and raised two daughters. During that time his creations remained constant in his devotion to stone. The works have slowly transitioned to large lyric pieces where rounded rocks come together, atom like, in what appears to be gravity defying configurations. The present series called “Cantamar” pays tribute to the stones that for centuries have rolled and smoothed along the shoreline of Baja, Mexico.

Mr. Davy’s interest in sculpture began as a boy while making model airplanes. His attraction to “making things,” only grew as he studied and experimented. Of particular interest is the early series of sculptures he created with wood, steel and stone in his cavernous downtown studio. It has been called “The Western Zen.” As was said of Woods and other downtown artists, they “were just making art and the thought they might actually sell something never crossed their minds.”


Saturday, August 18
10:00 AM
Opal Theatre
513 E Main St